American Machinist launches benchmarking study

The publication is conducting a groundbreaking research project to compile and benchmark the largest body of performance data available on machine center operations.

American Machinist has launched a research study to identify a standard set of key performance indicators for metalworking businesses. This will allow operations of all sizes - from job shops to original equipment manufacturers - to benchmark for improved competitiveness. The study examines more than 100 variables to identify common practices among the best-performing machining operations.

“The study will provide members of the metalworking community with tools that help them compete in the global marketplace,” said Bob Rosenbaum, publisher. “The first step in any improvement program is to measure your starting point and compare it to industry benchmarks. In metalworking, these tools don’t exist. It’s been impossible to take a systematic approach to become more competitive. It’s our job to create these tools.”

If you are involved in operations within a job shop, contract manufacturer, or OEM, American Machinist is asking that you take the survey at In return, when the study is complete, you will receive a free report to compare your own benchmarks. The survey is open from Feb. 14 - March 13.

Rosenbaum acknowledged that several questions are detailed. But he noted that the goal of the project is to identify a standard set of key performance indicators that can be used as a dashboard for any machining operation. All data will be held confidential; only industry averages are being reported. The data is being collected by MPI Group, which specializes in developing manufacturing benchmarks.

Click HERE to particpate in the study.

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