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Finish Boring Heads

Finish Boring Heads

New EWP UP series finish boring tools from BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. ( provides fine adjusting resolution — diameter corrections in 0.001-mm steps (0.00005-in. steps on diameter for inch-graduated heads). The company said users can easily make fine incremental adjustments where critical diameter tolerances are required without the use of a Vernier scale. The heads offer easy-to-read dials and backlash-free tool carriers for direct diameter adjustment. The tool carrier locking system doesn’t influence diameter and assures repeatability, even under high-speed or interrupted cutting.

New Z-Carb-MD end mills from SGS Tool Co. (, that produce a smooth, chatter-free surface finish when run at high metal removal rates, are designed to machine hardened steels to 62HRc. The company said their unequal helix design significantly reduces chatter for superior workpiece finishes, while their heavyduty core and negative rake enhance edge strength, lessen deflection, allow higher feedrates and offer a 200 percent improvement in tool life over competitive products. The end mills come standard with SGS Tool’s Ti-NAMITE-A (AlTiN) highperformance tool coating and are available with extended reach, reduced neck diameters and Weldon flats.

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