Special Laser Cutter Speeds Ahead

Special Laser Cutter Speeds Ahead

The Syncrono 2D laser cutting system leads the pack in speed.

Prima Laser Tools (www.primana.com) says its Syncrono is the fastest 2D laser cutting system available. The Syncrono accelerates at 6 g in real cutting conditions to cut parts two times faster than conventional laser systems in most instances. The Syncrono gets its speed from a special head design that the company says is the only one of its kind.

A cantilever arm houses the machine's high-speed head, which can move 100-mm in X and Y axes and accelerate at 6 g using parallel kinematics. The arm and head work together for fast positioning and cutting. In testing, the Syncrono cut 0.080-in.-diameter holes at a rate of 1,000 per minute in 0.040-in.-thick mild steel. Programmed with conventional CNC, the machine's control automatically determines the best combinations of arm and head movements to cut parts as fast as possible.

The system has low weight and requires three times less power to move, and it provides a vibrationfree, constant beam path throughout its 60-in. by 120-in. work area. A Prima CP 4,000-W laser on the Syncrono handles parts up to 1.000-in. thick.

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