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Suited for the Job: Sci-Fi Mech Tech Is Real & Ready for Action

Suited for the Job: Sci-Fi Mech Tech Is Real & Ready for Action

Robots. Self-Driving Cars. Artificial Intelligence. More and more, we hear about all the new technology that's poised to take our jobs because they're smarter, faster, and all around better than us poor meatbags.

Don't let this get you down. Somehow we've survived for millions of years, through ice ages, industrial revolutions and countless sharknados. We'll survive this technological upheaval, too.


If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. In this case, that means dressing up in the latest robotic exoskeletons. These ergonomic game-changers will make you stronger, faster, and able to do an eight-hour shift without the need to collapse on the couch until your next shift.

You've probably seen this type of tech in sci-fi movies and cartoons, from Aliens to Voltron. Now, since it appears to finally be the future, with Giant Robot Duels between these exosuits on the horizon, companies including Parker Hannifin, Panasonic and Lockheed Martin have manufactured their own mechanically driven outerwear to give you an edge when the machines inevitably rise up. And even if that uprising never happens, at least these all give you some super strength without ever having to hit the gym or get bit by a radioactive spider.

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