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Engraving Tools Available As In-Stock Items

Engraving Tools Available As In-Stock Items

Engraving Tools2L Inc. ( has developed engraving tools that have narrower included angles and micro small tip widths.

The 2L Precision Micro-Profiler Engraving Tools are designed for small engraving and machining for a variety of materials. The tools are as small as .002 in. in diameter with 1/8 in. diameter shanks, 15 and 30 degree included angles and tip widths of .002” and .005”. The company also stocks other profiler engraving with a variety of diameters and tip widths.

2L Profilers are available in two styles. The general purpose engraver is designed for use on materials such as steel and aluminums, while the softer material engraver is designed for materials such as plastic and aluminum.

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