High-Precision Probes

High-Precision Probes

High-Precision Probes

Hommel-ETAMIC (www.hommel-etamic.com) will introduce a measuring system that measures roughness and contour simultaneously.

The company’s new nanoscan is designed to measure roughness and contour of practically any shape in just one pass with a single probe.

The new instrument can measure surfaces with a stroke of 24 mm (0.945 in.) with a resolution of 0.68 nanometers (0.00068 microns) over the entire measuring range. Capable of complex measuring tasks, nanoscan features an innovative integrated software/hardware concept that enables users to capture micro- and macro-structures of parts with very narrow tolerances in short cycle times.

The nanoscan was designed for producers of high-precision parts and assemblies where contour and roughness features are critical, such as fuel injection, transmission parts, pumps, and valves for automotive, aerospace and medical applications.

Measurement tasks can be set up and performed on the operator panel while CNC-controlled axes allow fully automatic measurement runs in short cycles with guaranteed reproducible measuring results.

The measuring accuracy of the nanoscan is based on a mechanical precision-designed and built column and traverse unit. The horizontal and vertical axes are equipped with high resolution, digital scales providing a resolution of 10 nanometers. A minimal guidance error of 0.3 microns over the traverse of 200 mm (7.87 in.) in the horizontal axis supports the measuring head travel. Column (vertical) travel is 550 mm (21.65 in.) with repetitive positioning accuracy of less than 10 microns.

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