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Flowserve Pumps to Drive Cogeneration Power Plant

Flowserve Pumps to Drive Cogeneration Power Plant

GE gas turbines, electric turbine Pumps for district heating

Flowserve Corporation is due to supply multiple pumping system products for a large co-generation plant being built in Berlin to replace a coal-fired power plant. General Electric is designing the 300-MW Lichterfelde electric power plant with a 260-MW GE gas turbine and a 40-MW electric turbine, plus a thermal capacity of 225 MW.

Dallas-based Flowserve did not indicate the value of the new contract.

Cogeneration plants use natural gas as a fuel to produce electrical and thermal energy. They are nearly twice as efficient as a comparable coal-fired plant, so the emission levels are decreased. Also, cogeneration plants use the heat energy for district heating.

The Flowserve pumping systems at the heart of the redesigned plant use heavy-duty, radially split, multistage between bearings pumps for boiler feed service (BFP) and canned vertical turbine pumps for condensate extraction (CEP).

Flowserve also will supply pumps for the district heating process.

"Flowserve`s extensive experience and history of supplying equipment for cogeneration and combined cycle power plant projects of this magnitude were crucial factors in winning these orders," stated Jim Quain, president, Flowserve Sales Organization. "Also important was our ability to supply the entire project`s pumping needs as well as our full line of services, including installation, start-up and lifetime maintenance."

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