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Swivel Head VMC With Bar Loader For Complete Machining In One Step

Swivel Head VMC With Bar Loader For Complete Machining In One Step

Aimed at medical and small automotive parts manufacturers, the FZ12KS tilt vertical machining center from Chiron America ( incorporates a swivel head spindle for single setup machining of complex parts. The FZ12KS has a swiveling range of -10 degrees to +115 degrees and takes only 0.5 seconds to swivel from 0 degrees to 90 degrees. This machining center, coupled with the optional bar feeder, offers maximum versatility.

With the NC swivel head, users can produce milled surfaces and holes at every angular position, including outer/inner contours, and tapping. Chiron has extended the range of application possibilities by including an NC linear unit with an NC vertical turning device, thus making it possible to machine complex workpieces requiring 6-sided machining, all in a single setup. Sized larger than the company's FZ08 model in the same series, the X, Y, Z-axis travel range on the FZ12 is 21 in. by 12.5 in. by 14 in. (550 mm by 320 mm by 360 mm).

The machine features the high speed, Chiron-patented tool changer which takes only 0.8 seconds from tool to tool, a chip-to-chip time of 1.9 seconds, rapid traverse rate up to 3,000 ipm, acceleration rates up to 1.5 G, and spindle speeds up to 12,000 rpm (24,000 optional). Digital drives, combined with glass scales, provide better machine accuracy.

Other features include a mineral case base, choice of either a Fanuc or Siemens control, optional rear discharge conveyor, a coolant system located in the base of the machine, and a bar puller. Workpiece handling devices and storage systems can also be integrated with the FZ12KS Tilt.

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