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New Generation of Portable Surface Finish Gages

New Generation of Portable Surface Finish Gages

Mahr Federal Inc. ( has introduced a new generation of its Pocket Surf portable surface finish gages. Weighing 14 oz, the new PS1 can measure more than 24 surface finish parameters with a high resolution inductive probe and offers several new features including memory, USB connectivity and optional PC software.

The measuring range of up to 350 µm (0.0000138 in.) enables the PS1 to measure very rough surfaces. The drive unit can be rotated as well as moved longitudinally, and the PS1 can measure upside down, mounted on a surface plate or measuring stand, or perpendicular to the contact surface with an optional end face V-block. Mahr says the PS1's low 0.7 mN measuring force sets a new tracing force standard. A range of pick-ups is available including one that can be used to measure inside bores as small as 3mm (0.1181102 in.). A dual-skid pick-up can be used for sheet metal and roller surface measurements, another is designed for concave and convex surfaces, and others are available for measurements at difficult to reach points such as deep in grooves.

The unit has a USB interface and can be connected to a PC for transfer and storage of data without requiring any additional software or drivers. An optional software package is available for viewing profiles and results on a PC. Mahr says the battery operated unit can make up to 500 measurements before recharging, and charges in as little as one hour.

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