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Machine with built-in workholding

Machine with built-in workholding

In addition to a 60,000-rpm spindle and 1,000-ipm feedrates, the VelociRaptor machine features the Quick-Pallets modular workholding system. A lightweight, manual pallet changer facilitates batch machining and lights-out production. Pallets are registered

In addition to a 60,000-rpm spindle and 1,000-ipm feedrates, the VelociRaptor machine features the Quick-Pallets modular workholding system. A lightweight, manual pallet changer facilitates batch machining and lights-out production. Pallets are registered with a beveled-boss-in-cavity system to ensure X, Y, and Z location repeatability. A vacuum pump holds the pallet in place during machining, and changing a pallet requires no tooling or clamping, which reduces setup time and makes the VelociRaptor ideal for frequent or interrupted job changes.

Datron Dynamics Inc.
Milford, N.H.

End mills move quickly

Mill 1 indexable insert end mills ramp up aggressively for pocketing and hole drilling.Their manufacturerreports the tools offer about 30% more in maximum rotational speed relative to competitors for cutting soft materials such as aluminum. The screw holding the insert is set at an angle and resists shear forces. The tools also eliminate multiple drilling and boring operations and produce square shoulders to close tolerances.

Kennametal Inc.

Optimal feedrates in real time

The i Adapt for Turning adaptive control optimizes machine cutting feedrates based onprogrammed spindle loads. This real-time feedrate optimization reduces cycle times and increases machine efficiency. The control also monitors limits to avoid machine damage. iAdapt works with all materials and does not require special programming for interrupted cutting.

GE Fanuc Automation Americas Inc.
Charlottesville, Va.

Probe incorporates company systems

The TC50 probe features an optoelectronic measuring system with no mechanical parts and a Blum system that eliminates false data when the probe touches coolant. The probe measures up to 5 m/min and has a repeatability better than 1 µ.

Blum LMT Inc.
Erlanger, Ky.

Projector produces bright, sharp images

The HE400 MkIII benchtop opticalmeasuring projector produces bright, sharp images on a large, 16-in. screen with an integral hood, precision crosslines, and calibration markings. The system's work area accommodates objects from 15.4 to 55 lb., and a portable worktable is available when measuring large or heavy workpieces. Fan-cooled halogen profile illumination with high/low intensity lets users adjust screen lighting. Magnification comes in increments from 10 to 100X, and several Quadra-Chek DROs are available for use.

L.S. Starrett Co.
Athol, Mass.

T-base HMC

EC-400 T-base HMCs offer 20X 20X 20-in. work cubes, dual pallet changers with 400-mm pallets, and built-in rotary indexers. They come with 20-hp, 8,000-rpm, 40-taper spindles and feature side-mount toolchangers (24+1 tools), 1,000-ipm rapids, and high-volume coolant systems. Triple-auger chip-conveyor systems remove chips from machine enclosures quickly and efficiently.

Haas Automation Inc.
Oxnard, Calif.

HMC uses highspeed spindle

The FH-S Series HMC uses a high-speed, 15,000-rpm spindle that reaches full speed in 2.3 sec and comes in a #40 or #50 taper. The machine's low-friction guides have roller bearings that the manufacturer reports provide twice the rigidity and 3 vibration dampening of traditional ball bearings. FH-S Series acceleration is 1 G with 2,362-ipm rapid feedrate.

Toyoda Machinery
Arlington Heights, Ill.

Larger lathe

Talent 10/78 lathes are outfitted with ANSI A2-8 spindles, which have 3-in. bar capacities and 10-in., three-jaw power chucks. The 25-hp spindles speed up to 3,500 rpm, while live tooling/C axis options reduce secondary milling machine operations, additional part handling, and setup cost. Rapid traverse rates for X and Z are 1,181 ipm with maximum X travel at 10.7 in. and Z at 23.6 in. Pendant-mounted Fanuc Oi-TB CNCs are standard.

Hardinge Inc.
Elmira, N.Y.

Quickly create Z toolpaths

Mastercam developers report that the company's new approach to Z-level machining delivers faster processing times and reduces generation times for multisurface pockets and contour roughing, leftover or rest milling, and contour finishing, depending on the exact cut. Z-level-cutting techniques also deliver an improved finish on STL files.

CNC Software Inc.
Tolland, Conn.

Spiraling toolpath option

FeatureCAM software's upcoming Interleaved Spiraling Toolpath option applies spiralcutting passes between Z levels based on scallop height and part shape. The software developer reports that this single-pass technique produces top-quality finishes on complex surfaces, keeps retract moves to a minimum, and keeps tools on the metal to maintain smooth transition for quicker, more productive toolpaths.

Engineering Geometry Systems
Salt Lake City

Use stock models for 5-axis machining

PowerMill 5.5, Delcam's latest release, uses stock models for five-axis-machining operations and dedicated methods for cutting flat surfaces. There are updated user-defined tools and collision checking within new simulation models.

Delcam Inc.
Windsor, Ont.

Alloy-cutting tool

Capable of machining titanium alloy and heatresistant super alloys, the Xcel tool performs semirough turning into shoulders. The Xcel also machines in two directions and produces complex shapes cutting into corners. There are three grades and two insert sizes to cut 0.5 to 3-mm deep in intermediate-stage machining.

Sandvik Coromant
Fair Lawn, N.J.

Solids option improves functionality

GibbsCAM 2004 software offers a 2.5D Solids machining option that enhances feature-based selection tools and face-selection capabilities. It also introduces advanced 2.5D milling and turning functionality. Automatic feature recognition has been integrated into the software's Hole Wizard, streamlining hole-making specification and generation.

Gibbs and Associates
Moorpark, Calif.

End mills feature special carbide substrates

Tech and Pro end mills feature Guhring's DK 400 N ultrafinegrain-carbide for more productivity and extended tool life. Firex multilayer hard coating is available, which alternates TiN and TiAlN layers to form a "super" coating. Firex's hardness exceeds 90 Rc and reportedly delivers 2 to 3 the tool life of TiN alone.

Guhring Inc.
Brookfield, Wis.

Reduce changeovers

A magazine-style barfeeder, the Robobar SBF-532 reduces channel guide changeover times reports its manufacturer. It is ideal for the Deco 2000 series machines because it accommodates about 100 bars measuring 5 to 32 mm in diameter. With a series of connecting guide blocks operating as one, the quick-change system of the SBF-532 indexes the guide "block" to the proper size capacity. The bar-gripper mechanism between the barfeeder and the sliding headstock automatically adjusts.

Tornos Technologies U.S. Corp.
Brookfield, Conn.

Tool grinder takes on PCD and PCBN

Easygrind 4-axis tool grinders tackle tough-to-grind PCD and PCBN tools and inserts. They sport regeneration features that clean grinding wheels for reuse. An automatic, swiveling, 3D-measuring probe checks for sufficient material removal during operation, while a video-measuring system monitors setup and final-workpiece verification.

United Grinding Technologies Inc.
Miamisburg, Ohio

Enhanced marking machine

The Styliner Mark3 stylus marking machine now features a robust post located off center of the marking area for positioning odd-shaped parts or clamping devices. The machine's increased marking-field size measures 4 4 in., and there is an optional integrated shuttle-feed system for automated tag marking.

Schmidt Marking Systems
Niles, Ill.

Tables feature special collet closers

Tsudakoma RN-100-2 highspeed,twin-spindle rotary tables now come with pneumatically actuated 5C-collet closers. The tables are also available with up to four spindles.

Koma Precision Inc.
East Windsor, Conn.

Software module comes with CMM

Faro Laser Trackers now come with Lite reverse engineering software modules from HighRes Inc. The addition lets operators use existing CAD programs with the measuring tool without having to import 3D data.

Faro Technologies Inc.
Lake Mary, Fla.

Adapters reduce setup time

The Preci-Flex system includes adapters for collet chucks to decrease overhang and tool interference in mill/drill operations, end milling, tapping, and shell milling. Basic adapters accommodate standard collets in ER 25, 32, or 40 pocket configurations.

Exsys Tool Inc.
San Antonio, Fla.

Improved chucks hold large parts

THW-plus quick-jaw-change lathe chucks sport larger throughholes, improved grease retention, and better sealing against particles and coolants for less maintenance. Removable center sleeves are available in various configurations, including throughhole, closed, adjustable coolant, adjustable stop, and part ejector. The chucks maintain grip at up to 6,000 rpm via a wedge-bar actuation system.

Schunk Inc.
Morrisville, N.C.

Lathe operates with easy-to-use control

At the heart of the TM6 slantbed lathe is the UltiMax control, which allows machinists to quickly and easily set up and program the machine, create programs with Hurco software, and download CAM-generated programs.

Standard TM6 features include a 6-in. chuck, 12-station tool turret with 7 10-in. travels, and a 15-hp, 6,000-rpm spindle motor.

Hurco Companies Inc.

Tools work at high speeds

With inch sizes available, the HSC-19 milling system works at high cutting speeds and up to 56,000 spindle revolutions/min. Inserts are ground in relation to a tailormade insert seat, and according to the manufacturer, additional machining with traditional carbide finishing tools is not necessary.

Columbia, S.C.

More tap styles

Emuge has added 10 more tap styles to its full-speed tap line. The new styles come in 20 sizes (inch and millimeter).

These full-speed taps feature advanced cutting geometries that reduce friction between the workpiece and tool. There are high-profile relief angles that increase speed and reduce heat. The tools' flute shapes and numbers, shorter thread lengths, available hard surface coatings, and through-the-tool coolant reportedly contribute to their performance.

Emuge Corp.
Northborough, Mass.

Gear-cutting tools

Gleason Cutting Tools Corp. produces tools for soft and hard machining of bevel and cylindrical gears. This includes hobs, shaper cutters, bevel blades and heads, replateable CBN and diamond grinding and dressing wheels.

Gleason Cutting Tools Corp.

Compact laser marker

The Aurora PowerMark diodepumped laser-marking system features a new forward-firing vertical configuration with a compact, manual load/unload workstation using less floorspace. The compact design and hermetically sealed laserhead ensures maintenance and alignment-free operation. The marker's longlife diodes operate at 60% of their rated power output for extended marker life.

Baublys Control Laser Corp.

Large-sump pump/separator

Keller Products' Model #315 pump/separator removes tramp oil and chips from the coolant of up to 10 machine tool sumps, some as large as 400 gallons. The unit's coolant-recirculation rate is 180 gallons/hr, and it removes solids as fine as 5 µ with permanent oil separation elements and a highcapacity bag filter. Compact inlet devices supplied by the manufacturer access sumps through an opening as small as 3 in. in diameter.

Keller Products Inc.
Lexington, Mass.

Grooving toolholders

Thinbit Groove'N Turn toolholders secure grooving, face grooving, and threading inserts on conventional, Swiss, and CNC machines. They come in square shanks 5/16 to 11/4 in. with straight and 90° presentations.

Kaiser Tool Co. Inc.
Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Spindle-blast machine for cells

RXS-400 rotary-indexing spindle-blast machines deburr, etch, descale, or clean workpieces in a lean, cell-based environment. The fixtured component rotates at a preset, adjustable speed as multiple nozzles blast exterior surfaces under a time cycle. On multi-adjustable brackets, the blast guns flexibly position at various angles and distances for selective or overall coverage. Nozzle motion can be oscillating, linear, or multiple-axis and synchronized to the spindle rotation.

Guyson Corp.
Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Workstation/dust collector

The ProCenter, which combines a workstation and dust collector in one unit, performs precision micro-abrasive blasting with enhanced visibility. It has a front-loading door, dual fluorescent lamp, an integral silencer, and oversized abrade chamber. The ProCenter's dust collector features a full-chamber downdraft, cartridge-filter technology, an automated shaker, and storage hopper with slide gate for quick/easy cleaning.

Comco Inc.
Burbank, Calif.

Clamp styles

Pitbull clamps provide positive down forces and low grip profiles and generate high vertical and horizontal forces. The clamps come in five sizes and three styles --a tool-steel knife edge for aggressive stock removal, a blunt edge for general-purpose work, and a brass version to prevent marring workpieces.

Mitee-Bite Products Inc.
Center Ossipee, N.H.

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