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Closed Loop Waterjet Filtration System Meets ISO 14000

Closed Loop Waterjet Filtration System Meets ISO 14000

Ebbco Inc. ( now has a closed loop filtration system for use in waterjet cutting that reduces water consumption by 90 percent to 98 percent of normal use by filtering and reusing the overflow water from the waterjet machine. The system is built of stainless steel, has an optional chiller for reducing water temperature and hydraulic pump cooling built of stainless steel and available in sizes from 1 ton (12,000 BTU) to 15 tons (180,000 BTU).

The system pumps the dirty water through a series of filters and resins, filtering down to 0.35 microns Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) controlled. It then supplies clean TDS controlled and chilled water to thigh pressure pump as well as cools the hydraulics of the pump. The water is constantly re-circulated and filtered with the clean water overflowing to the dirty tank when the cutting machine is idle.

Ebbco says use of this system eliminates the cost of make-up treatments including water softeners, reverse osmosis and DI water systems.

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