Friedman Industries

Friedman Industries

Friedman Industries located its steel coil processing plant adjacent to a steel mill to increase productivity and lower operating costs.

Friedman Industries Inc. recently opened a new steel coil processing plant located in Decatur, Ala. The facility converts hotrolled coils received from the adjacent Nucor Steel Co. mill into hotrolled sheet and plate relieved of distortions commonly associated with coiled steel through the use of temper-passing and leveling equipment.

Temperpassing and leveling result in significantly flatter and more consistent steels, with the improvements becoming even more pronounced in higher-strength alloys. The cost- and timesaving benefits of Friedman temper-passing and leveling capabilities have become increasingly important where higherstrength materials and tighter tolerances are best handled using today’s more precise, more expensive plasma and laser cutting CNC equipment.

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