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Waterjet in 3D

Waterjet in 3D

Flow Dynamic Waterjet XD
The Flow Dynamic Waterjet XD’s 3D capabilities and versatility enable shops to cut a wider variety of intricate part designs.

Presented as the first highprecision 3D waterjet cutting technology of its kind, the Dynamic Waterjet XD from Flow International Corp. improves part cycle times and provides accuracies that are two to four times better than standard non-Dynamic systems. The company also said Dynamic Waterjet XD is 30-percent faster than its original Dynamic technology.

Dynamic Waterjet XD’s versatility enables shops to cut a wider variety of intricate designs, allowing them to tap into new markets. With 3D cutting and complex beveling, these shops can cut elaborate parts previously unattainable using standard non-Dynamic waterjets. These 3D advancements have been integrated with the core benefits of Flow’s original Dynamic Waterjet technology, which eliminates taper and other errors found on waterjet-cut parts.

In other Flow news, the company has formed a strategic alliance with Kuka Robot Group. “This alliance will help assure we address the important production and advanced segments of our marketplace,” said Charley Brown, president and CEO of Flow. “This expands our process and robotic applications.”

Stuart Shepherd, president of Kuka, said that his company was honored to be selected by Flow to provide high-accuracy robotic technology for the future growth of robotic waterjet cutting applications.

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