Turn With Up to 144 Tools

Turn With Up to 144 Tools

144 tools

The B76543 turning machine from Eurotech (www.eurotechelite.com) provides 4 in. of 4-axis travel on each of its three turrets. When each turret is combined with the company’s standard catalog tooling, the machine can hold up to 144 cutting tools. Shops can then machine several different parts without changeover time, or they can load the machine with several redundant cutting tools, use the machine’s tool load software to detect tool wear and run true lights-out operations.

Machine bar capacity runs to 2.56 in., and the B76543 quickly changes from bar work to chucking work. Both the 35-hp main and the 20-hp subspindle can be fitted with up to 8-in. chucks and paired with Eurotech’s software for robotic or mechanical loading. Both spindles feature a C-axis, and the machine’s turrets come standard with live tool capability at every station.

The machine also comes in a 1.77-in. bar capacity model and a 3.15-in. model.

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