Shop boosts cutting capacity

Shop boosts cutting capacity

Hyd-Mech bandsaw
A fully automated Hyd-Mech bandsaw at Denman & Davis.

Denman & Davis ( installed an automated program control bandsaw at its Clifton, N.J., facility and increased hot-roll cutting capacity by 100 percent. The company is a leading general-line steel service center.

The fully automated bandsaw is a V18 from Hyd-Mech ( that stores as many as 99 different jobs for quick reference. It cuts 18-in. hot roll material with an extended head that expands that capability to 29 in.

A 6-degree tilted head increases blade life and makes for faster cutting by changing the angle of contact with the material. The machine operates on a 52-ft conveyor line under the direction of one technician.

“This saw offers a significant improvement in the cutting capabilities for our entire company,” Dan Consiglio, director of operations at Denman & Davis, said.

“Automated controls, improved cutting technology and blade speed also improve plant safety by limiting the amount of operator contact with the material and the saw,” he added.

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