[IMTS Preview] Flow International to Demonstrate Full Line of Waterjets

[IMTS Preview] Flow International to Demonstrate Full Line of Waterjets

Full Line of Waterjets

Flow International Corporation will conduct live demonstrations of the full Mach Series of waterjet systems at IMTS in booth number. Whether cutting composites or laminates, aluminum or titanium, the Mach Series offers technology leadership and superior performance at every price point.

Flow will showcase the newest Mach 4 waterjet system. The Mach 4 combines Flow’s HyperJet pump, rated at 94,000 psi, and Dynamic Waterjet XD, high-precision flat stock and 3D cutting technology, to improve part cycle time and accuracy two to four times over standard non Dynamic systems.

Flow will also be demonstrating the Mach 3, featuring Dynamic Waterjet cutting technology with a 60,000 psi pump. Flow invented Dynamic Waterjet to virtually eliminate stream lag and taper produced by all waterjets. The Mach 2 product line will demonstrate the JetPlex 55,000 psi pump and FlowMaster®, software specifically designed to optimize waterjet cutting.

A six axes pedestal robot designed by Flow’s partner, the robotics industry leader Kuka, will also be on display outfitted with a Flow Abrasive Waterjet end effector ideally suited for three dimensional trimming and drilling.
Visit IMTS Booth #N-6217

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