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Grinding expertise leads to premiere machine

Grinding expertise leads to premiere machine

Grinding expertise

CNC North Inc. has always specialized in supporting, remanufacturing and providing design enhancements for Bryant Grinder CNC machines.

The products and engineering developed for these machines has resulted in the expansion of precision dressing systems and custom tooling packages for various OEMs and end users. And while the manufacturing community has benefited from CNC North’s support and design efforts, the company has added original equipment manufacturer to its list of capabilities.

CNC North recently unveiled a two-axis internal grinding machine customized for an aerospace landing gear manufacturing application.

The machine rests on a granite base that allows CNC North to build the machine to customer applications, and in some cases, per a customer’s floor space requirements. The base provides stability and can be engineered and delivered in a short time period.

Hydrostatic slides of the machine are sized per application, and the first machine features a 48-in. Z slide and a 14-in. X slide. Its dovetail design helps reduce costs in the manufacturing process while maintaining the stiffness necessary for grinding applications.

A precision, fourbearing Micron workhead on the machine accepts either a three jaw chuck or a custom face plate, so customers can use their existing tooling. Both the workhead and the machine’s steady rest run on a precision slide and operate manually by enabling an air bearing. The setup makes for quick and easy adjustments of both devices and fast changeovers for various workpieces.

CNC North can customize the machine’s steady rest based on part diameter requirements. In addition, custom wheel head mounting lets both new and existing wheel spindles be quickly mounted during part changeovers.

Pivots operating on an air bearing make for easy taper adjustments of the work/steady rest assembly as well as the machine’s wheel spindle assembly. A three-door system on the machine accommodates setup and gauging requirements, and direct feedback absolute linear scales are standard.

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