American Machinist Weekly Update - Dec 7th, 2023
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American Machinist Weekly Update

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Designing and manufacturing multi-function tools for cutting or milling is a complex process – one that Arch Cutting Tools finds particularly rewarding.
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Cutting fluids are essential to the process, and there is a compound for every application, material, and type of operation. The right choice depends on many factors.
Nearly 300,000 jobs are projected, largely from greenfield chipmaking and EV battery plants as a result of U.S. industrial policy and manufacturers assessing “geopolitical risk”, countering a long “offshoring” cycle.
Automotive suppliers must be alert and responsive to a steady routine of process or material revisions, particularly in an automotive industry shaped by regulatory standards and hooked on the appeal of new consumer products and process technologies – an atmosphere ripe for product and supplier displacement. The subject here is disc brakes. The...
Marketing is an investment: You must have a plan and a budget to continue communicating your solution to people who need it.
Editor's Choice
The My rConnect platform quickly and easily links GFMS EDM, milling, and laser texturing machines to service and support resources – plus expanded digital capabilities.
A double-sided round insert with a higher number of inserts is suited to low depth of cut applications in face milling and profile milling, in steel and stainless steel.
The new UR30 collaborative robot has a 30-kg payload and a reach of 1,300 mm offers new flexibility and more functionality for machine tending and other applications.