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Company Profile

Gibbs and Associates was founded in 1982. The company is located in Moorpark, California and sells its products through a network of independent resellers in North America.

It was the first PCbased CAM software to use a graphical user interface, associative toolpaths, integrated part rendering, and integrated solid modeling with CAD/CAM, and the first with direct machining of solid models.

Gibbs and Associates merged with Cimatron Technologies Inc. ( in early 2008.

William Gibbs, founder of Gibbs and Associates, now is president of Gibbs and Associates and Cimatron North America, and is a director of Cimatron Technologies Inc.

Gibbs estimates the customer base for its GibbsCAM software at 10,000 customers, which places the company toward the middle of the list of top 20 CAM developers.

However, the combined revenue of Cimatron and GibbsCAM moves the companies to 6th place in the latest CIMData survey.

If a shop does in mold and die work, then GibbsCAM is not a good fit unless… GibbsCAM’s strength is in machining small, discrete parts.

Even mold and die shops need to machine a lot of those parts, so a shop could use a package focused on the mold and die industry, such as CimatronE, and use GibbsCAM to make the small parts that go into a mold assembly.

If a shop is a straightforward production shop then GibbsCAM would be an appropriate tool to use. If a shop has a number of different machines, including wire- EDMs, and would like to simplify its production part programming using just one package then GibbsCAM becomes a prime candidate.

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