Turning Inserts for Stainless Steel

Turning Inserts for Stainless Steel

Turning inserts

Kennametal Inc. (www.kennametal.com) designed its new UP turning inserts for its Kenna Perfect turning system to have improved turning geometry for stainless steel applications.

The company said the new design delivers improved chip control in 300-series stainless steels, and provides a soft cutting action for lower cutting forces.

The inserts’ large rake angle provides less cutting resistance to improve the surface finish on parts and to extend tool life for increased productivity. The geometry also improves resistance to depth-of-cut notching.

The UP geometry is available in the new KC9225, KC9240 and KC5010 grades, and, in combination with the Kenna Perfect turning system, is recommended for applications in the medical and food industries as well as flange manufacturing, the chemical industry, and oil and petrochemical businesses, or wherever improved cutting performance in stainless steels is required.

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