Turning Inserts for Complex Hard Parts

Turning Inserts for Complex Hard Parts

Tungaloy America Inc.

Tungaloy America Inc. has introduced its 25-degree Y-Pro series turning inserts that are said to increase productivity and reduce tooling costs in copy turning. The “Y” stands for a corner relief angle of 25 degrees, which is 10 degrees smaller than conventional VNMG series inserts. The inserts, good for machining bearings, punches, and pulley components, reduce undesired interference with the workpiece and allow for machining operations in difficult areas where 35-degree inserts are not effective.

“The Y-Pro Series was designed to complete complex parts without having to use multiple tools,” said Brian Sawicki, senior manager of engineering and products for Tungaloy America.

The Y-Pro series YWMT inserts provide good chip control in copy turning when using Tungaloy’s ZF chip breaker for finishing, or ZM chip breaker inserts for semi-finishing. The YWMT inserts are offered in both CVD and PVD coated carbide grades. Tungaloy’s CVD-coated carbide T9025 insert is used for general turning of various steels, and the PVD coated cermet GT730 insert is for finishing as well as other hard turning applications. In addition, the YNMG inserts offer all of the same features as the YWMT inserts but are four cornered.

A customer struggling with a cold-heading component job contacted Tungaloy to see if they had a product to handle this difficult job. They used Tungaloy’s YWMT ZF GT730 product and produced hundreds of hard tool steel (58 RC) parts that required the clearance necessary to produce an 8-micro finish on a concave facing operation. The Y-Pro product eliminated a post buffing operation that was not only time consuming, but very costly. This made it possible for the customer to keep the job in house.

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