Presetters With Linear Drives

Presetters With Linear Drives

Linear Drives

DMG has introduced the VIO linear series of units with linear drives for precise tool presetting for drilling, milling and turning. The direct drives in the X and Z axes offer high dynamics, repetition accuracy and reliability — repeat accuracy is about ± 1 micron. The company said that tool presetting with the unit during set-up of chip-removing machining processes achieves increases in productivity of up to 25 percent.

The new tool presetting units of the VIO linear series have a modular design and cover a wide spectrum of tools: Drilling, milling and turning tools with a diameter of up to 1,000 mm and lengths between 500 mm and 1,000 mm can be measured. The units can be upgraded to fully automatic CNC tool adjustment with numerous options. The ergonomic design and operator friendliness of the unit allows for easy accessibility of the spindle, as well as a new central control desk.

The one-hand control allows for manual and powered axis movement as well as exact powered precision positioning. With Microvision image processing software, presetting is performed using an operator- friendly screen surface. The software is available in two variants tailored to meet the customer’s requirements:

Microvision III provides high-quality measurement with simple, error-free transfer of the tool data to the machine controls (ETT). The unit has a 17-in. TFT screen.

Microvision IV provides fully automated measurement with numerous options including two large 19-in. TFT screens and up to 67x magnification.

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