[IMTS Preview] New WIDIA Inserts for Face Milling Aluminum and Nonferrous Materials

[IMTS Preview] New WIDIA Inserts for Face Milling Aluminum and Nonferrous Materials


New WIDIATM brand inserts for the very popular and successful WIDIA Victory M1200TM face mill series are especially designed to provide excellent results in aluminum when machining the most co mmon milling operations like roughing, semi-finishing, and finishing.

Two separate geometries are being offered, and any shop milling aluminum and nonferrous materials will benefit from using these two inserts in conjunction with the WIDIA Victory M1200 milling cutters. Their combination of toughness and wear resistance allow faster feed rates, and the 12 cutting edges per insert, as well as the reduced power consumption resulting from the free-cutting geometry, make them very economical to use. They are ideally suited for the majority of machining centers in use today using moderate to high spindle speeds and regular depths of cut (up to 4.5 mm or 0.180 inch).

The LDJ geometry featuring optimized rake angles is specifically designed to be free-cutting. This insert with 12 cutting edges is available in two grades, THMU and a TiB2-coated TN6501. Both inserts are peripherally ground and feature highly polished rake surfaces. THMU is the first choice for most nonferrous materials while the TN6501 with its TiB2 coating offers even freer cutting in high silicon aluminum (>8%) due to the coating’s extremely low coefficient of friction.

The LDJ3W geometry is a wiper-style geometry where excellent surface finish is required. It features 3 RH cutting edges and 3 LH cutting edges and is offered in the THMU and TN6501 grades also. Both the LDJ and LDJ3W inserts are extremely tough, wear resistant, and durable. They resist built-up edge, reduce burring, and increase surface finish results.

“The WIDIA Victory M1200 is a superior design versus other double-sided platforms available today” says Josef Fellner, global product manager, indexable milling team. “It’s a proven best-in-class system, and these new inserts with faster feed rates and reduced power consumption make them the economical tool of choice in aluminum milling.”

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