New Coating Technology/Turning Grade

New Coating Technology/Turning Grade

The DurAtomic textured microstructure results in a hard, tough coating.

In tests, Seco's TP2500 turning grade with DurAtomic coating outperforms other grades in productivity and tool life.

Seco Tools Inc. ( introduced at IMTS its new process for producing coatings on cutting tool inserts. Seco says its DurAtomic process uses crystallographic control to manipulate the coating at the atomic level. The process grew out of Seco's research to develop a cutting grade with a high level of wear resistance and toughness, qualities that are diametrically opposed.

Seco says the DurAtomic coating structure is more durable because it features a special combination of these two important parameters. Roger Granström, Seco product manager, says, "What we have done is to chemically alter the crystal structure of the aluminum-oxide (AL2O3) layer to create a coating that offers long life and increased cutting capability. We believe this will totally change performance expectations of future grade developments. Coatings developed with DurAtomic technology can be married with any number of different substrates to create new generations of general-application grades."

The first grade created with the DurAtomic process is TP2500. Seco says the turning grade offers an unprecedented level of wear resistance and toughness to outperform and outlast other grades in ISO P applications. TP2500 can also optimize stainless steel turning and cast iron applications, effectively machining materials from K10 to M40. "Overall, the TP2500 coating shows improved toughness, outstanding heat/wear resistance and reduction of edge build-up," says Don Graham, Seco product manager of turning. "Field tests have shown up to 100 percent improved productivity in combination with a 400 percent increase in tool life."

The TP2500 grade's coating has a basic aluminum-oxide structure, but its overall ductility has been significantly enhanced through the DurAtomic process. The grade features a functionally graded substrate structure for high edge toughness with no sacrifice in strength for the bulk of the material.

TP2500 has been field-tested in more than 80 applications including roughing, facing and finishing in a variety of materials; reflecting improvements of 18 to 400 percent improvement in tool life, 55 to 100 percent productivity increase and a 40 to 80 percent decrease in wear. TP2500 is available in a complete program of insert geometries, including both positive and negative rake angles as well as a wiper version.

Seco announced at IMTS 2006 it will change its name from Seco-Carboloy to Seco Tools Inc., effective Jan. 1, 2007.

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