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Speeding Up Gear Inspection

Speeding Up Gear Inspection

Gleasons PC + probe upgrade institutes fastest, most user-friendly inspection systems

Gleason’s Automated Measurement and Analysis and the Renishaw SPH180 probe combine to accelerate and simplify gear inspection.

The GMM Series of analytical gear-inspection systems from Gleason Corp. can be updated with a new software suite called GAMA (Gleason Automated Measurement and Analysis). Combined with the Renishaw SPH180 Probe, it creates what the supplier calls “the fastest, most user-friendly inspection systems in their class.”

Both GAMA and the Renishaw probe system are available for the full line of GMM Series systems, from the 175GMM to the 3000GMM (175- to 3,000-mm gear diameter capacity.) It’s standard on all new Gleason systems, and available as an upgrade to former SIGMA systems dating back as 2001.

The Windows-based GAMA operating software presents a simple, intuitive graphical user interface that reduces the time operators may need to create new part inspection programs, or to inspect complex parts.

Also, GAMA is described as “a true Windows® VB.NET application, making it fully compatible with the latest LAN and WAN networks, so that users can easily interface inspection results with their gear design and production resources for corrective actions downstream.”

The upgrade package’s Renishaw SP80H 3-D scanning probe is available with various stylus sizes, configurations, and extension lengths. The high-speed probe has a travel range of +/- 2.5 mm in the Y and Z direction, +/- 1.5 mm travel in the X axis. Its 3D scanning head is fully digital, with 20-nm resolution.

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