Boeing, Cargolux Reach Agreement in Delivery Dispute

Largest 747 ever nearing its first delivery

Global freight hauler Cargolux International SA has arrived at a tentative agreement with Boeing Co. to resolve a dispute that postponed a scheduled delivery of two jets last month. Details of the new agreement are due for release following a Cargolux directors meeting later this week.

“Cargolux will disclose further details after signing of the accord and a meeting of its board of directors to be held on Oct. 7,” the company reported in an e-mail statement.

Boeing has not commented on the matter since mid September. At that time, Boeing’s statements indicated the dispute was “contractual,” rather than design-related or performance-based.

Two 747-8 freighters were due to be delivered to Luxembourg-based Cargolux on September 19. Cargolux has ordered 13 of the new cargo jets to fill out a global hauling fleet that operates 15 747 freighters.

The September delivery was to be the first for the 747-8, which earned U.S. Federal Aviation Administration certification earlier last month. It is the fourth generation of the wide-body jet, first announced in 2005, and with a longer fuselage and redesigned wings. Boeing is offering two design variants of this jet, and in addition to being the largest 747 yet the 747-8 is the largest commercial aircraft built in the U.S., and its commercial airline version is the world’s longest passenger aircraft.

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