Programming Essentials for Mill Operators

Who Should Attend: This three-day program is intended to enhance the skills and knowledge of CNC milling operators, manufacturing personnel, and engineers with basic CNC milling experience. Course will be limited to 9 students. Three instructors and 3 Haas vertical milling centers will be available for hands on learning.
Cost: $995 (View Cancellation Policy)
What you will learn:
* Understand tool paths and motions
* Defining and understanding M G codes
* Understanding Compensations
* Reading CNC mill programs
* Searching and identifying basic programming problems
* Editing programs for speeds and feeds
* Altering program words and canned cycles
* Completing operator checklists to proof a program
* Understanding common Fanuc control commands
* Applying what you learned to real parts in the NCDMM
Testing and Development Lab on Haas controllers

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