Of the 502800 nonfatal workplace injuries in the manufacturing sector in 2013 nearly 30 occurred in primary metal fabricated metal products and machinery manufacturing operations In the most demanding industrial environments the need to improve manual cut protection dexterity and comfort is as important as ever
Mazak’s Discovery Phase for Machining, Automation
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Although there are no governing mandates or official checklists to define the Factory of the Future there are some common characteristics of these companies on the forefront of modernization
Machine Builder Expects Designs Will 'Transform' Shop Floors
STEM education is considered by many employers and economists to be an issue of national prosperity and security The US Department of Commerce reports that STEMrelated jobs in the US will grow by 17 by 2018 nearly double the rate of jobs in nonSTEM fields Commerce estimates 12 million unfilled STEM jobs by 2018 due to a lack of qualified trained workers
Programmable CMM for Automated Shop Floor Inspection
The Doosan Puma GT2600M CNC turning center with live tooling
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