OC Robotics develops snakearm robots for working in confined and hazardous spaces They are guided by wire ropes and controlled by proprietary software to traverse cluttered environments and conduct activities such as inspection fastening and cleaning
A 4in Ingersoll HiQuadXXX facemill takes off more than 0300 in per pass to fully penetrate the heavy oxide crust in a 4140 steel forging As a result the tool edges last through a complete roughing sequence for a part involving 68 passes A previously selected tool needed indexing before completing even one pass
CECIMO has consistently emphasized the need for the EUrsquos public and private authorities to define and support competitive industrial strategies to accelerate industrialization of emerging technologies and to improve skills training
Producing drilling equipment is highprecision work ndash but when the market is down shops like Superior Drilling Products need other outlets to make the most opportunity for their skills and capital equipment
The design complexity and surface finish requirements of many highvalue aerospace components are compelling arguments for investing in 5axis machining technology
Crossdrilled holes act as conduits for fluids lubricants and gases  Failing to remove burrs can cause blockage of these critical passages or create turbulence in the flow
The US endured a 36 drop in the number of tool and die shops between 1998 and 2010 Those that remain like Fiat Chrysler Automotiversquos tooling subsidiary Autodie have worked to adapt to the cyclical nature of the automotive business by diversifying their services
Due to the slim dimensions of LH honing spindles even multistage machines like the Kadia T Line are compact units
11 Tools and Technologies to Boost Machine Shop Performance
Smart Machine Shop concept