The new installation at Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery in Finsparingng employs 20 engineers and operators producing burner tips and other parts for industrial gas turbines
10 More New Ideas for Cutting, Tooling, Designing, Machining, and Shop Management
10 Must-See Ideas for Cutting, Tooling, Programming, Machining, and Shop Management
The NASA Space Shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after takeoff on January 28 1986 killing all seven crewmembers
ITM skills are focused on maintaining troubleshooting and improving complex machines and automation systems including multiaxis machines conveying operations robotics and hydraulic systems
Lockheed adopted 5MErsquos cryogenic machining system with an Okuma horizontal center increasing cutting speeds by 52 with improved surface integrity and part quality with an estimated 30 cost reduction for large titanium airframe components
Hooked on Precision Machining
Member associations from Germany Italy and Spain developed the METALS to improve the relevance of vocational education and training programs for the machine tool industry by bringing together industry representatives VET providers and regulators from their home countries
No one knows what products engineers will be creating or what tools they will be using in 2045 Ongoing learning in engineering and design is the only solution for keeping uptodate with rapidly evolving technology in the emerging knowledge economy
System Tracks Parts Reliably with High-Intensity Vision