Condensate Filtration for Oil and Contaminants

Condensate Filtration for Oil and Contaminants

Kaeser Compressors condensate filter unit

Condensate from compressed air systems present disposal concners, because the oil and water mixture is classified as hazardous waste and cannot be discharged into municipal wastewater systems.

Kaeser Compressors ( has developed a condensate filter that is designed to filter oil and other contaminants to make the condensate water safe for disposal. The company said the key to its condensate filter function is its threestage, self-contained plastic filter cartridge. The cartridge also makes replacement and disposal convenient, and eliminates filter bags. The company said the filter unit also requires no electricity and little maintenance.

The condensate filter is designed to handle most compressor lubricants and is available in two sizes.

The KCF-20 is designed for flows of approx. 100 cfm, while the KCF-100 will handle flows up to 500 cfm. For larger flows, simply connect multiple KCF units together with an optional Flow Splitter.

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