Tool Prevents Damaged Part Edges

I often have to tap on the edges of soft and hard workpieces without damaging them, so I made a tool that allows me to do this. I use it a lot for workpieces in milling vises and to accurately position parts.

To make this tool, start with a piece of 1-in. or 2-in.-diameter CRS. Cut it 4-in. long. Then mill a 90-degree V-shaped slot along its length. The deeper the slot, the more surface contact the tool provides and the less chance of surface damage to workpieces that will be hit. Also, mill or saw an undercut at the intersection of the V (the bottom of the V-shaped slot) along the length of the tool to ensure it does not contact the workpiece edge and damage it.

V-shaped slots also can be ground and made at any angle, shape or size to match the job at hand.

Mark Paulsen
Beach Park, Ill.

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