Multispindle machine in runout at ZPS America in Indianapolis

Multi-spindle machine in runout at ZPS America, in Indianapolis.

Making Multi-Spindle Design, Performance as Smooth as Possible

The relationship between ZPS America and Mitchel & Scott shows that high-tech and high performance work together seamlessly Complexity in resources, simplicity in operation High-volume automotive OEM projects Standard CNC, PLC motion control on machines, bar feeders

ZPS America, in Indianapolis, builds high-production volume, multi-spindle machine tools, for a long list of end-product applications. Lately, its main focus has been precision machining technology for automotive OEMs, and one of its longest-standing customers is a nearby high-volume manufacturer.

Mitchel & Scott Machine Co. is a multi-skilled precision parts producer for manufacturers in the HVAC, agricultural, defense, and hydraulic systems sectors — but especially in

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