Producing drilling equipment is highprecision work ndash but when the market is down shops like Superior Drilling Products need other outlets to make the most opportunity for their skills and capital equipment
The Irkut MC21 is a series of singleaisle twinengine aircraft developed for short to mediumdistance commercial service
The design complexity and surface finish requirements of many highvalue aerospace components are compelling arguments for investing in 5axis machining technology
The GE Hclass combinedcycle turbine is an aircooled power plant that offers lowcost conversion of fuel to power low operating costs and reduced emissions
Lockheed Martin expected to increase F35 production rates significantly in the coming years
Among the programs Lockheed will develop and manage with Saudi defense partners will be integrated air and missile defense systems
Certification Testing Starts for GE9X Jet Engine
Boeingrsquos proposed TX jet is a singleengine twintail aircraft unveiled last year Two of the aircraft have been built and the initial flights were completed in December 2016
Service centers supply a significant volume of steel and aluminum products consumed by machine shops and fabricators whose activities reflect overall industrial activity in North America
New Process for Forming Lighter Automotive Frames