The F35 is a stealthenabled singleengine aircraft in development for more than a decade and now in use by the US Marine Corps and US Air Force  The US Navy and the UK Royal Air Force as well as defense ministries in several NATO and other Allied nations also will deploy the fighters in the future but it remains under close scrutiny for its development costs mdash reportedly up to 100 million per aircraft
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Marten Machining Stevens Point Wis is thriving in a 30000sqft shop 30 years after starting out in a twocar garage In November the shop will take delivery on its 22nd Hermle machine
SLM Solutions is a developer of laserbased additive manufacturing machines for precision metal parts offering single or multiplelaser configurations The Luumlbeck Germanybased company recently deflected a takeover attempt by General Electric which instead agreed to take a majority stake in Concept Laser GmbH for 599 million
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Concept Laser develops production technology for additive manufacturing of metal components from powder using laser power to sinter the metal and fuse layers of material into complex designs
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