Cincinnati Incrsquos BAAM is linear motordriven system based on the structure drives and controls of a lasercutting machine It has a work envelope of up to 24x6x2 m 8x20x6 ft and extrudes hot thermoplastic to build parts in layers based on CAD data
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Medfab Manufacturing in Lakeville MN completes this medical component in difficulttomachine tantalum using Ingersoll TMicro ellipticalshank boring bar Extra rigidity of the bar permits faster metal removal and improves the asmachined finish  In its first application at this location boring the ID of a titanium tube with a 4to1 aspect ratio and walls as thin as a fingernail the TMicro tool completed the part faster and with a 8 to 10micro asmachined finish  With previous tooling every part required 15 minut
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