The Airbus A380 is a twodeck fourengine jet for longdistance routes and one of three classes of aircraft that will be maintained and serviced by the new Singapore operation
The PurePower GTF engine series is designed with a gear system separating the engine fan from the lowpressure compressor and turbine so that each module operates at optimal speed This means that the fan can rotate more slowly as the lowpressure compressor and turbine operate at a high speed increasing engine efficiency and reducing fuel consumption emissions and noise
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Protomet was founded in 1997 but is undertaking its second expansion in three years partly on the strength of orders from marineboating manufacturers including customized products like mirror and skiwakeboard brackets
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The SPV clamp bore face grinder the gear is clamped on the internal diameter of the bore and rotated in a direction opposite to that of the cup wheel at a high surface speed
ldquoOur industry will need to fill over 100000 jobs over the next decade which begins with equipping students and workers today with industryrecognized credentials that prepare them for current and future jobsrdquo stated NIMS executive director Jim Wall  ldquoThese jobs will require more advanced skills particularly around the use of technology so training candidates to industry standards is imperativerdquo