New Technologies for Automation, Connectivity, and Precision, at IMTS 2016
Despite its advantages to component designers titanium is notoriously difficult to machine And the difficulties presented in machining the material itself also negatively impact tool life
New Technologies for More Efficient Machine Shop Operations, at IMTS 2016
The 5ME cryogenic machining technology transmits liquid nitrogen through a spindleturret and directly to the cutting edge at 321degF
The gear hobbing machine uses a NUM FS152i operator panel with a customdeveloped HMI
Seven New Technologies Integrate Design and Automation, at IMTS 2016
New Centerless Grinding Concept Targets Fuel-Injection Valves
U.S. Machine Tool Orders Up, but Growth is Not Sustainable
Advanced ceramics are critical in the development of aerospace engines as designers and manufacturers like GE Aviation and RollsRoyce apply new materials capable of enduring the hightemperatures and highpressure that prevail in modern turbofan designs  Properties like heat and corrosionresistance as well as lightweight and insulation from electrical charge are significant performance advantages and the lower material costs add advantages in production and maintenance
Focus on Precision and Flexibility in 8 New Technologies, at IMTS 2016