Latest Data Shows Cutting Tool Consumption Waning
AWC Frac Valversquos finished valve bonnets get a closer inspection CNC lead man Ben Molinar and assistant manufacturing engineer Jim Beaver
Tooling Adapts Four-Axis HMC for Custom Honing
Aerospace forgings are highprecision designs in hard highvalue materials mdash meaning the cutting technologies adopted to finish them must be exceptionally strong and reliable
Additive Manufacturing Enhances the Precision of Toolmaking
Cutting Tool Demand Shows Manufacturing is Flat
Ingersollrsquos Hi QuadF face mill works like a router to make more chips faster  The tool rotates at 785 SFM as it feeds outward at 0561 IPR on the C axis  Freecutting tool geometry with a 12deg lead angle minimizes lateral cutting forces for stable machining all the way out to the circumference of the flange
A Better Link for Cutting Harder Materials
U.S. Cutting Tool Consumption Fell 7% in May
U.S. Cutting Tool Consumption Down 7.9% in April