The contouring head has a standard Capto C8 interface and loads tools via the machine39s automatic toolchanger
NOVO is an advanced digital tool selector and process planner that developer Kennametal promises will deliver ldquorealworld productivityrdquo
ldquoThe economic indicators continue to resonate in the metalworking industry exhibiting a return to growthrdquo according to USCTI president Tom Haag
AMT and USCTI identify cutting tool consumption as an indicator of manufacturing activity comparable to durable goods deliveries as a gauge of production levels
IMCO Carbide Tool developed the Omega M726 and M725 end mills to address the specific difficulty of machining in hardened steels
NUMRoto tool grinding software now allows use of a production clamping system for profile inserts in the 3D simulator
Sales of cutting tool products reversed the trend shown in overall durable goods shipments during January ldquohellipthe last four months have been marked by volatilityrdquo according to Brad Lawton chairman of AMTrsquos Cutting Tool Product Group
A close view of a cutter with the chiplocking arrangement
Sales of cutting tool products tracked the more general results of durable goods shipments for much of the past two years but took a sharper decline a the end of 2013
PMCColinet uses the customangle head on a Monarch VMC to produce keyways in the bore on oilfield pipe typically 6 inches in diameter and 12 inches long  On one part PMC documented a savings of 184 hours in setup and machining time as the result of the head design supplied by Heimatec