Modular Spindle Adapts to Tooling

Modular Spindle Adapts to Tooling

Modular spi ndle

Toyoda Machinery ( designed a spindle with a removable taper that enables quick changes to accommodate different types of tooling and maximize machine uptime.

The spindle design is a balance between speed and rigidity. Due to its modular design, the spindle’s main components are easily accessible to optimize cutting times and minimize intervals between operations. The removable taper spindle design allows for easy changeovers between CAT, HSK, or BIG-Plus toolholders.

The removable taper can easily be replaced if it is damaged due to impact or during highspeed applications. In the past, an impact would often require replacing the entire spindle, an operation extremely costly in downtime, parts, and labor. Now, the taper unit can be replaced in the field, and the machine can be up and running again quickly and at a lower cost.

The addition of a fourth bearing in the front bearing pack reduces vibration and helps the spindle withstand higher radial forces without damage. The spindle bearings are positioned over the tool taper and not the retention knob, creating a more rigid tool that can take on heavier cuts without chatter. This extends the life of the entire spindle assembly including the bearings, drawbar, taper, and tooling while improving machining accuracy.

Additionally, the spindle design provides easy accessibility to subassemblies. Its modular hydraulic cylinder unit is easy to remove, giving technicians easier access to the drawbar assembly and allowing for easy repair. This also helps minimize labor costs, downtime, and the number of replacement parts required.

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