Lasertec 65 3d
CNC Softwarersquos MasterCAM Swiss Expert allows programmers greater freedom to access the variety of fiveaxis capabilities now available in Swiss turning machines
ldquoCAM systems were designed based on the way mills and lathes were originally created to moverdquo explained Bill Gibbs CEO and President of Gibbs and Associates ldquoMillturns and multitask machines MTM started merging the two
Raster finishing is improved in PowerMill 2015 with the software now able to set automatically the most appropriate angle for each region of the part  In previous versions the user had to select each area and specify the angle manually  The new option is most beneficial when finishing a series of pockets aligned in different directions according to the developer
IntelliCAM incorporates Spatialrsquos 3D InterOp to import CAD files from various 3D sources and applies custom technologies contributed by Omax and Spatial such as the AutoPath function or slice plane to convert the geometry into full 3D paths for waterjet cutting
Mastercam's Dynamic Motion Technology Reduces Cycle Times
Mastercamrsquos Dynamic Motion toolpath engine reportedly is applicable to any machine with a ldquomaterial awarerdquo technique that reduces cycle times extends tool life and cuts down on machine wear because it develops smoother motions with fewer reversals
Customized Harley-Davidson, Programmed with hyperMILL
Edgecamrsquos Part Modeler ensures that legacy information stored as 2D design data can be used without total part remodeling A 2D drawing can be converted automatically into a 3D model by selecting the views and tracing the part outline